Precious silk

How many times have you heard, mes cheries, the saying: ’’precious silk’’? Almost anyone that talk about silk, feel the need of assigning to it the attribute ’’precious’’. And there is nothing wrong with that. But from my perspective, silk is far from being just precious and nothing more than precious.


Today, even more than a few years ago, the versatile silk was very valuable for designers, for it was used in all sorts of pieces, in outfits that were suitable for any season – yes, even winter 🙂 – and it would be a shame to call this fabric JUST precious.

I suggest that we give the silk what it’s the silk’s to get. The respect that it deserves, but also more access to our every day outfits. Pieces that are made with silk are not reserved nowadays only for the big balls, black tie events or fancy outings. Silk has now stepped down off the pedestal, and designers are showing it to us in the most diverse  ways, in pieces that we can wear at a late brunch, but also at a lunch out or an afternoon date.


I love silk for it’s free and easy vibe that it gives me every time it touches my skin. I love it and I wear it no matter what season it is, but I admit that my love for her is most visible during the summer. But I show my love for silk head one and I wear it all day long. This is what happened to me recently with this piece signed by Maria Marinescu. Probably this is a reaction from the pastel print that I absolutely love, but it is, most certainly, because of the silk. 🙂

So, les filles, I suggest you to have more courage when it comes to silk. Wear it more and better. With heals, but also with flats and, why not, even with boots, if the cut and the design will allow it.

Dress: Maria Marinescu
Sandals: H&M
Purse: Celine
Glasses: Thierry Lasry
Earrings: H&M
Belt: Maria Lucia Hohan

Photo: Lasc Media

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