Spring in Paris

Mes cheries, I have already told you how much I like contrasts. When it’s rainy outside, I like to wear colourful outfits, when it’s sunny and people around me chooses to wear colours, I chose to wear the black & white duo, when people are grumpy, I chose to smile. Come to think of it, I always chose to have a smile on my face, because life is the most beautiful thing that is happening to us.

Primavara la Paris_monicatand (8)

That is how I explain that, while everyone else is complaining on Facebook because of the rain, the wind and the low temperatures, I wanted to make you smile with some colourful and playful pieces and some pictures take in Paris, my favourite city.

Primavara la Paris_monicatand (7)

I love the MiniMe Paris brand – a new and fresh brand, founded by my friend Marie Marquet and that was officially launched in March 2015. The fairy tale character of the MiniMe brand is the one and only Alice in MiniMe Wonderland, who, for the 2016 spring-summer collection ( the pieces that I am wearing are a part of this collection) has gone in an adventure in anamusement park. Surrounded by giant ice cream, pink poney’s and giant balloons, Alice sets the tone for a new colourful season.

The pieces are mixing up three important elements – denim, graffiti print and sharp colours. The hats and the key elements in this playful collection, my favourite being the blue one.

Shirt, jeans, hat: MiniMe Paris
Purse: Cecilia_Ma
Sports shoes: Adidas Stan Smith
Bracelet: Nilaï
Bracelet: Swarovski
Necklace: Chabaux
Photo: @cajeanca

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