I received a…unusual gift

I know that women often have extravagant expectations when it comes to an anniversary, but I think that the small things do count. Given as they should and at the right time, they are very precious also. That’s what happened to me today. According to my I.D., I’m named Mihaela, a name that I haven’t used, but a name that Nicolai celebrates every year. So this morning, when I woke up, I got a veeery desired gift: a tea boiler! Yes, exactly! The old one broke down, thing that made our mornings a little bit more complicated. I have to confess that it came with a flower and made this gesturer even cuter. I really like this kind of surprises, I like them because they’re intimate, proof of someone’s care and love for you, things that you can find only in a family.

Did you get anything special? 🙂






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