The look in your eyes says it all

I was a little girl when I first heard the saying ’’you know a man by the look in his eyes’’ and I was never conscious about this, only when I grew up and I realised by myself that looking into the eyes of the person in front of me, you can make an impression about someone I payattention to his eyes.

I grew up and realized, mes cheries, that you can tell how a person is by looking in their eyes: some are clear and full of light, some are shriked and mean. Every time I pay attetion at someone’s look, I can always figure out who I’m talking to.


The little tricks that we use every day to feel and be more beautiful – and for stunning looks – are very helpful in changing our overall appearance. But it will never – and I do believe this – change who we really are inside. We can always have the most beautiful eyes, contoured heavily, we can always have longer and fuller lashes, but we can’t be something that we’re not.

I just remembered that I wanted to tell you this when I received on my email the official news about the new mascara from Bourjois, Volume Reveal Mascara*, which reveals the lashes volume, even the smallest ones. I really like the brush that this new mascara has, that makes it so much easier to obtain the French chic look, which is my personal favourite. 🙂


*Recommended price: Mascara Volume Reveal – Radiant black, Waterproof Black (7,5ml) – 61 RON

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