The Darphin beauty care products have arrived in Romania

The famous beauty care products Darphin Patis, part of the Estée Lauder Companies portfolio, has been launched on the Romanian market exclusively in the Sephora stores and also on Personally, I really enjoyed hearing the news. I know and use these products even since I was living in Paris, so I was really happy to learn that they will be also available in Romania. The event organized by Darphin for this occasion was spectacular, delicate, refined, a lunch with a few stunning ladies (Andreea Berecleanu, Ada Condeescu, Corina Barladeanu, etc) where we had the opportunity to chat about beauty and tips and tricks for skin care.

The physiotherapist Pierre Darphin built his brand of skin care products over about 50 years ago, convinced by the fact that every woman can have a beautiful skin. In the year of 1958 he founded the beauty institute from the idea that some massage techniques help improve the effect of the natural ingredients, that were very carefully selected.

Darphin combines some of the best botanical ingredients, innovating technology, his professional expertise and sensory techniques to give to you personalized solutions for your skin. For a full indulgent experience, Darphin created the essential oils so anyone can enjoy a relaxing aromatherapy session in the comfort of their own home. The Darphin serums have high performance, for day and night use, and offers you a personalized combination of noble plants, in high concentration that are absorbed very quickly, stimulate the correction specific problems that your skin has and are an excellent base for preparing your skin before applying the oil or the face cream.
A rebound elixir for the skin, the Darphin essential oils helps regenerate and detoxes the skin over night, when the cellular activity is high. The most know Darphin oil is no. 8 – Flower Nectar.

The Darphin face creams, for day and night, with sophisticated textures, helps repair the skin, all thanks to the progressive ‘’re-education’’, a complete biphase formula, with active ingredients in both phases, water and oil.

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