The beauty skin product that your face needs this summer

Mes cheries,you already know that I’m a big fan of a fresh look, as natural as possible. In those hot summer days, when the weather is so warm, your skin needs special care, and us women want to look as good as we can. That is what the people from La Roche-Posay had in mind when they launched the first sun protection face cream that helps reduce the blemishes on the skin, for a uniform and smooth look.

crema uniformizatoare

ANTHELIOS unifying face cream BLUR SPF 50 is available in two shades: Rosé and Doré with no odour, no additives, waterproof.




Another good news about this cream is that it has a mattifying effect and give a light tan effect.This summer is all about good news!



Recommended price: 82.68 lei


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