Pure Chemistry

I totally adore love stories. Especially when it’s that kind of crazy love, which you mostly see in movies, than in reality, but which really exists. And yes, I know how to recognize love. That kind of love that shakes your entire being, gives you headaches, and makes you both laugh and cry.


My personal story with Nicolai has, indeed, all the ingredients of an American movie, with a happy-end. And even though I rarely speak about this, I want to say that relationships don’t only stand on passion, exaggerated gestures, knocks on the door at midnight, after the first more serious fight. In order for two people to remain together definitely needs to be more than chemistry between them. It takes understanding, trust, support, and the psychological comfort given by the feeling that whatever happens, the person you adore will always be there.


Therefore, when I received the proposal to test out the new make-up collection from MAC, Toledo (inspired by the illustrator Ruben Toledo and his Cuban wife, Isabel – creation director for Anne Klein), I had no doubt that Nicolai wouldn’t want to get involved in this marvelous project. Coincidence or not, short time before we were thinking about this shooting, we read about Ruben and Isabel’s love story. We found out that Ruben fell in love with Isabel, during their English class when he was only 13. It was love at first sight, he confessed for Harper’s Bazaar. Just how it was in our story… when our eyes met for the first time at Costes Hotel.

TOLEDO-BlushOmbre Ripe Peach

On the set, Nicolai was fascinated by the wrapping of the products, while I decided I would never leave the mascara, which lengthens and gives incredible eyelash volume, the eyeliner which surrounds your eyes in a deep blue or the ultra-resistant lipstick.

TOLEDO-MASCARA ModernTwist Caligrafy
TOLEDO MASCARA ModernTwist Caligrafy, 125 lei

PS: There are some who say that love at first sight does not last. Allow me to contradict them.

TOLEDO-PearlglideIntenseEyeLiner PetrolBlue

Descopera intreaga colectie aici: http://tinyurl.com/l63qnx7

Dress: MLH Kasia Gown
Accessories 100% Silk: Gabriela Dumitran
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi

Costum: Brunello Cucinelli ( Magazinul Brunello Cucinelli)
Camasa: Brunello Cucinelli (Magazinul Brunello Cucinelli)
Shoes: Paul Smith

Make Up: Marga Stefan
Hair: Olimpia Stoicia
Photo: Mihai Stetcu Photography
Image editing: Csilla Szasz

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