Pure Vitality – a Kiehl’s innovation for the beauty industry

Kiehl’s has recently launched a facial cream that ensures your skin’s revitalization in just 7 days. With 99.6% natural ingredients, without parabens, oils, minerals, synthetic colours or perfume, Pure Vitality is a true innovation in the beauty industry. With powerful natural ingredients, it guarantees its effect. This cream has a blend of Manuka honey from New Zeeland and red Korean ginseng root. The Manuka honey is a creamy brownish honey, realized out of the Manuka plants that you can only find in New Zeeland. It has the highest level of anti-oxidants and 4 times more minerals ever found in any honey, it is used in medicine  for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties (used in healing wounds and after surgeries; recommended for immunity stimulation). The red Korean ginseng root is the most powerful ginseng regarding the biological activity. The unique cultivation process and thousands of years of Korean experiences, gives this root well known medicinal properties. Harvested after 6 years before cultivation when its cellular activity reaches a peak, it helps stimulation and protection of the cells; it helps protect the cells from oxidative stress and helps the growth of the barrier function of the skin and the collagen production.

Mes cheries, with these kinds of properties, it’s clear that the effect it has on your skin will be visible. I’m waiting for your feedback!




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