The power of a perfume

Logic allows you to get from A to B. Imagination though, can carry you anywhere. And perfumes from Liquides Imaginaires are the living proof. Not long time ago, at Beautik Haute Parfumerie, I met David Frossard, a famous perfumer and redoubtable businessman, for whom perfumes aren’t just a business, but an exercise of imagination.

Monica Tand: What is the story behind the Liquides Imaginaires brand?
David Frossard: Once upon a time…. (He smiles). Everything started three years ago at an artistic exposition which took place at the des Centraliens Hotel, close to Champs Elysee. In the beginning, the idea wasn’t to launch a perfume brand in order to sell products. Our desire was to create perfumes through which we could truly express. The theme of this exhibition was “the sacred” and, as you know, the perfume is something sacred. It was a communication gate with gods, allowing people to talk with them and ask for favors. From here, the origin of the word. People used to burn the most precious materials. While praying, they never used something worthless. They would burn the most qualitative incense and the best chrism. These would rise up to the sky, in sign of prayer, but the smell used to spread everywhere in the room. We created Liquides Imaginaires to withstand the phenomenon that turns fragrances only in fashion accessories. Perfumes have a much higher power if they evoke a return to origins – which moreover allows us to rediscover the art of perfume from a different perspective. A perfume can open gates of our imagination. A perfume can be an artistic experience, mystical, spiritual, not just a promise that using a particular fragrance we would resemble more with the star which promotes it.


M.T: How did you decide to collaborate with Philippe di Meo?
D.F: We have the same vision on fragrances. We find ourselves in many subjects and have exactly the same interpretation of art.
I studies philosophy. I should have been a philosophy professor. He is a designer, and artist and we have identic conceptions about the importance of perfumes. We were equally outraged against traditional perfume shops and we wanted to do something innovative. First we became friends and then we created Liquides Imaginaires.

M.T: PYour perfumes evoke moments of life, desires, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses. What is your favorite from the perfumes that you launch today, what is it’s secret the mission and inspiration from which you started?
D.F: I already have a favorite perfume among those that we have released over time. Now, however, it is quite difficult to choose between new ones because every time we launch a trilogy. Each collection includes the poison, the antidote and the synthesis. The new trilogy has as theme nature, the powers of nature and remains in the sacred area. Nowadays, when you talk to people about sacred unfortunately they immediately think of Jesus, Buddha or Mohammed. Liquides Imaginaires talks about something really sacred to people from origins. Nature was sacred. A lightning was sacred. The new collection includes perfume Tellus, which is the scent of the soil, from the roots that goes inside. Saltus that goes into sap and Succus. Basically, there are three stages of the same perfume. I love them all three. I might have a preference for Tellus because it is sober, more animal inspired and more mysterious. And since I’m not mysterious, this might possibly explain my choice.


M.T: What are the best olfactory memories that you have?
D.F: I have plenty of them. I have some that are hidden deeply inside of me and of which I’m probably not aware: the smell of my mother, for example. Instead, I have very strong memories of Corsica because that is the place from where I am original; and I go there as often as I can. I live in Paris, away from nature, and when I get in the middle of it, everything takes on a different meaning. In Corsica, everything has a strong smell. And then… I really need to mention Africa. Africa has first and foremost a specific odor, which often can be considered ugly. That’s because when it’s hot, fragrances are exacerbated. The air is a mix of exciting flavors mixed with the bad ones, but I find something magical in it.

M.T: C Do you think a man is more faithful to a scent than to a woman?
D.F:No, I don’t think so. To answer in a philosophical manner, loyalty to me means being true to your values, to be faithful to ourselves, to what we promised, and what we wanted to do. I think we can have in a lifetime at least, I hope, more love stories and all of them to be as true and authentic, with the only condition to actually get involved deeply and to your all. This is valid for perfumes also. We can have several perfumes if we chose them indeed with good reason… a true reason! The fragrance reflects every time another important perspective of our personality, of our life, and reminds us of a loved one. And we will always change it. Because we want a change. And changes in life are good as long as we remain faithful to ourselves.

Liquides Imaginaires fragrances are available exclusively in Beautik Haute Parfumerie

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