Refresh for your skin

It happens to me often, especially in winter, to look in the mirror at the end of the day, after I checked with succes from my to-do list meetings, events, time with my kids and, most certainly, even a shooting, I don’t recognize myself. It’s not as dramatic as it sounds, but my skin is the first that cautions me that my day was exhausting, even though, physically I don’t feel it yet. You know, I am convinced, that the feeling when your face looks so tired that the first impulse is to go straight to bed in order to get your prolonged beauty.

Well, it’s not just my or your problem, because women from around the world are experiencing the same thing every day. In the US, there was recently conducted a survey on a sample of 1,800 women aged 35 years and over who speaks for itself. They have been asked “How more mature you look due to your tired skin? The average age was 5.4 years! Like all the challenges we face every day wouldn’t be enough. Moreover, additional studies have shown that skin looking tired is a real beauty problem on a global range, being the second concern for women in Japan, the third for women in France and fourth in the States. Bottom line, we simply reach 240 million women (wow!) around the globe that are affected by the tired skin “syndrome”.

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OK, we figured out the problem, let’s try to find solutions. It is clear that we can’t completely wipe clean the traces of the daily aggressions made from our face. What we can do is to help our skin fight the daily external factors, so when we look in the mirror, at night, wrinkles wouldn’t be longer be so prominent, and skin wouldn’t look dull or tired anymore.

After a long series of attempts, I came to the Daily Reviving Concentrate from Kiehl’s and I’m absolutely thrilled with the results. I warmly recommend it to you if you encounter the same problems and I would love to hear that you also have results. It convinced me that not only because it has 100% natural origin ingredients mixed with essential oils and botanical gardens, but that is quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving it oily. Plus it’s easy to apply – 2 – 3 drops after applying a serum, before the cream. So simple. And I’ve seen a result since the first applications – and I hope you’ll also be equally satisfied. To me, I saw the difference rapidly: my skin remains bright and fresh throughout the day and, most important, in the evening, in front of the mirror, I show my real age (even though Nicolai tells me I look like a teenager, I suspect him of subjectivity), but I like what I see in the mirrow. A lot.


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