Stylistic interpretations

Ilona and I fell in love from the first sight with the denim trench from Il Gufo. When she hid behind the studio wall to change for the shooting, the playful “comme d’habitude”, Ilona decided to combine it with a silk skirt from MimiSol and a pair of Oxford shoes from Il Gufo.


In the beginning, I thought she didn’t notice the surprise on the photographer’s face or mine. We though she’s paying more attention to fix the bow of her trench, or to fit her skirt at waist and to arrange her hair in front of the mirror. Just like she does every time, to make sure she’s ready.


Ilona convinced me once again that her spirit of observation is not common. Thus, between two frames, the little “mademoiselle” asked me, laughing: “Maman, you like it, don’t you? I know you are proud of me!” Ilona. Simply Ilona.














Denim jacket: Il Gufo (Ilinca Store)
Skirt: MimiSol (Ilinca Store)
Oxford Shoes: Il Gufo (Naturino Store)
Photo: Mihai Stetcu Photography
Image editing: Csilla Szasz

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