My every day beauty ritual

Mes cheries, every single one of us has little beauty tricks that will make our skin more luminous, smoother hands or a better looking hair when I discover a products that I like, I talk about it with everyone. Today I will talk to you about my little day by day kit, about the products that have won me over and that are part of my every day beauty ritual.
Kiesh’s Serum is perfect for when the years start to leave little marks of our expression on our skin or when you can see our face full of tiredness. Also for our complexion, I use a nourishing cream fro, Caudalie. The grape extract can make real wonders! For my lips I use for a while now the Absolue lip balm from Lancome. I love the sensation that it leaves on your lips and the fact that the honey extract can always leave a smooth and pleasant feel.




The skin is exposed to external factors (sun, winds, dust, contact with different fabrics, etc.), that it needs our most special of attentions. I use on a regular basis the peeling lotion from Aveda for cleansing the skin and the shower oil with lemon extract from Nuxe. In the summer time, the sunscreen is a must have!! I rely on Anthelios from La Roche-Porsay, the first sunscreen with high protection, which smoothens the imperfections, for a uniform and smooth look. The lotion that takes the best of care of my tan and makes my skin smooth is no other than ‘’La Mer’’!




La mer

The hair is a totally different story, isn’t it?! 🙂 As far as I am concerned, my favourite is Elvive, from L’Oreal Paris, a revitalizing shampoo that will give you hair back shine. In my modelling career, my hair was constantly exposed to many procedures from high speed drying, straightening, etc., reason enough to give it now all the attention that it needs. That I’m the adept of the French look is no surprise! I will tell you a little trick for getting a French look, at least as far as we talk about hairstyles. I’m talking about the line called ‘’French Girl’, from L’Oreal, products that will give you that adjusted messy look specific for French women.

L oreal


When you have two little kids, your feet need all you attention! 🙂 My help comes from Sephora and their almond mask for feet. It’s effect? I can’t even tell you about it, you must try it! This is my short list when it comes to beauty. What your list? What ‘’miracle’’ products did you discover lately?


Acesta este short list-ul meu in materie de frumusete. Care este al vostru?Ce produse “minune” ati descoperit in ultima vreme?

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