To be a child is a serious thing

I could spend hours playing with Iancu and Ilona. It’s fascinating for me to see how they make up games and characters because their imagination is still in the purest form. The educational system didn’t interfere yet to tell them that they can’t. Nor even me or Nicolai didn’t insist too much to make them understand the difference between reality and imagination, only when it came up to health and security. So they are free to dream, to imagine, so build and to be okay.


I would like to live in their imaginary world, I think you would like it to, I’m sure. There are no deadlines, there, no pressure, everything is fine and dandy and exactly how they want it to be. Ilona is taking her roles extremely seriously every time. ’’Maman’’, she told me a few days ago ’’today we will pretend to be big people. I am the mother, Iancu is the child, and you are my best friend’’. I had no choice but to dress her like a ’’big person’’, if you can imagine that. Little black dress, fur vest, head accessory and manly shoes with detailing. The only difference was that we were not pretending.


How should I explain to them that the most beautiful games that they can play are the ones in which the characters and children, not big people? That they will soon be over the responsibility of being an adult and they will wish to be kids again? I remember that my mother used to tell me to enjoy my childhood every time I told her that I wanted to grow up. Will they remember?

Ilona is wearing a dress, vest, headband, shoes and socks, all of them from Bonpoint..
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