Let’s talk about relaxation

There are women whose style will always remain imprinted in the DNA of fashion. Jackie, Audrey, Coco are the first names that come to mind, but the list is long and I am convinced that each of you has her favorites. There are women who, as it seems, years after their disappearance, are just as present as always, not just in the fashion industry, but also in our lives. “Fashion gets old, style, never” is one of my favorite quotes (Coco knew it), because, in the end, that’s what it’s about. It’s about having style, and this is something natural, because it can’t be learned, it just exists in the identity and personality of each individual. It’s about not struggling intensely to amaze through the clothes that dress your body. Because, in the end, clothes are just a simple tool through which we express our personality.


I look around me, on the street, on TV, on Facebook or Instagram, and I see how we struggle. We try so hard to show off, to wear dresses that show from far away how uncomfortable they are, we climb on high heels on which we can barely stand and maintain our balance, maybe, just maybe, we can stand out. Maybe someone will see us. To make a statement, whatever that is, we don’t even care. What we forget is that, unfortunately (even though, personally, I would rather say “luckily”), clothes will never manage to fill in or hide the shortcomings that we have. Not even the most talented make-up artist will succeed to hide under make-up the frustration, the envy, or the emptiness of one’s soul. Similarly, not the most gorgeous clothes, from the biggest fashion houses, will make us better, more tolerant, or happier. It’s true; I would be hypocritical to say that I’m not glad when I buy a new trench or a pair of shoes. I do have an effervescent happiness that disappears as quickly as it appears. What I learned along the years is that it’s useless to wear fancy clothes, if they don’t reflect our own image, if they don’t speak about us, or if they don’t express our personality.


An all-black outfit, for example, can, on one side, be sober, and from another perspective, playful. You just have to give her the right accessories, in the suitable doses, a pair of printed sandals, a funny clutch or an oversized necklace. Fashion is about playing. When did we forget this idea? I can be just as serious in an electrical color, just like I can be terribly nonchalant in black. Because personality comes immediately to help clothing. Have you ever seen a French lady ever try to be chic? A French woman who wouldn’t look just impeccable no matter what she’d wear? I haven’t, yet. That’s what it’s about. It’s about relaxation.














Dress: Maria Lucia Hohan
Jacket: Rick Owens
Sandals: Chanel
Clutch: vintage 
Watch: Swatch
Sun glasses: Thierry Lasry
Photo: Aurelien Violet (@chicisthenewpunk)
Image editing: Lasc Media

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