Change of plans

Last night, I opened and closed the dressing room doors many, many times… without any result. On such a bad weather, no matter how much inspiration I would have, I couldn’t actually use it. Just when I hear the rain drops on the railing of my terrace, I wish I didn’t have to leave my house. I already had in mind how I will dress tomorrow. Lately, I wore skirts and dresses more. Therefore, now I had the perfect reason to wear some overalls. Prints always cheer me up, so the one from H&M was the best option. Plus, it has a casual cut that makes me feel comfortable..


My schedule for the next day was pretty busy. It is certain that I won’t have time to come home and change, and in the afternoon, I was going to have a meeting that will extend until later in the evening. In these situations, I like to play with details. Thus, if I put a belt on my waist and high-heals, the jumpsuit will get out of the day-wear zone and it will gain elegant accents.


When I woke up, summer was back on my street. Even though, the jumpsuit is not out of my mind yet. That is why I always said that it is an essential item in a wardrobe, which you can adjust depending on the weather or moment of day.
Have a nice day! .







Jumpsuit: H&M
Belt: Vionnet
Sandals: Zara
Photo: Csilla Szasz

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