Double power seduction

Ça va, les filles? I hope you’re in a good mood. And if you didn’t wake up smiling, just know that I don’t have that happen to me, all the time, also. At least not before using mascara. When my eyelashes get super long and with dense volume, my morning suddenly begins to be brighter. No, I’m not sensitive to weather, but I am, definitely, addicted to mascara. And… as it would have guessed my preferences, L’Oréal Paris recently launched an exceptional mascara, called False Lash Superstar. The name simply says it all.


Equipped with two brushes, the new mascara has been specially designed for enviable volume of lashes and to become, magically, longer than ever, in two easy steps. The base thickens each lash individually, giving incredible volume, and then, using the special applicator on the opposite end, the formula dresses in a dark black the intensified eyelashes.

And now that I discovered my new wand, I send you all my good thoughts and I’ll get back to the mirror to check the results. Finally, a miracle doesn’t only last three days. This is what I call being a Superstar!


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