The serum that will make wonders for your face

Mes cheries, I like talking to you about all the discoveries I make when it comes to beauty products. Like I was telling you in a previous post, I’ve introduced to my make-up kit a wonderful product: Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate from Kiehl’s.

You can use it for nourishing the skin around the eyes, the area that we all know that shows the passing of time earlier than other areas. Another thing that I appreciate at this product is the fact that it gives you a fresh, glowing look, which is very important especially in the case of a mother with two little kids.:)



The good news is that this year Kiehl’s has announced a new collaboration with the National History Museum of the United States – Smithsonian, a collaboration which will introduce 11 Kiehl’s products in the medicinal collection of the museum. These products complete the over 100 artefacts that Kielh’s has donated in the past to the Smithsonian museum. This gesture represents the continuity of the relationship that the Smithsonian and Kiehl’s has started over 37 years ago.

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