Set the mood for autumn

Hello beautiful readers! I’ve returned from Paris full of energy and eager to share with you all my projects from there. Besides the photo shoots and events, I had the opportunity to meet fashion bloggers from around the world. I love that instead of business cards, I could recognize each of them after their fashion style. Evidently, there have been many discussion in which we couldn’t agree upon the important trends of this fall, or the way a button-up shirt can be mixed with a pair of “culottes” (those short, three-quarters pants). Personally, I found it fascinating, even though everyone had their own vision, everybody kept their curiosity for fashion alive and they were eager to inspire others; even though the examples were going to be adopted on an extremely personal manner.


I was very proud that many of them knew who is Maria Lucia Hohan. She is one of my favorite designers, and Maria’s creativity surprises me, many times. To be successful as a Romanian designer beyond the country borders requires a tremendous amount of work, a lot of talent and the capacity to sew clothes that you can’t find anywhere else. This is the short, but best description of Maria.


MLH dresses are the definition of femininity, but they don’t always respect the classical conventions, which represents an act of courage. Thus, a mermaid dress suited for a sophisticated event can be, anytime, the starting point for a day dress, less pompous, even though it keeps the train concept. Plus, I like that, Maria, always chooses colors. Even though these colors aren’t opulent, they are strong enough to be the reference point of an outfit. This orange shade of the dress (cadmium orange) that I’m wearing today is the best example. It’s true that many designers reached to this color, this season, but Maria has a way to bring it to value better than anyone. 🙂








Dress: Maria Lucia Hohan
Sandals: Zara (Zara Store)
Bag: Celine
Photo: Lasc Media

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