The end of autumn in Bucharest

The last days of November found me passing through a set of emotions. I know there are only a few days until the start of the holiday season madness – last night, late at night, when I went home, there were people putting up the Christmas lights on the Bucharest boulevards. I know everyone is going to be plugged in, keen to buy anything they can buy (with me in the first row, of course), the city will become absolutely chaotic and everything we’ll want is for the celebrations to come already so we can settle down a little bit. But… I guess, that is part of December, n’est-ce pas?


Until then, I try to get as much as I can out of the last days of autumn. The weather isn’t as friendly anymore, on the contrary, it’s pretty bad, but I always liked to defy it a little bit. For example, a top with bold clippings, revealing sexy shoulders, immediately sends me back to the summer holiday, when my only concern was to know that I applied lotion with enough SPF – the one I found to MA- RA-MI comes with a bonus: two tassels for Iancu and Ilona to play with. The colors are, again, a perfect ally when it comes to defying the weather. When the weather outside is gloomy, so overwhelming that you do not feel like getting out of bed, I find an indescribable pleasure to dress in neutral colors, light or pastels – I’m convinced that you have noticed how quickly colors can pick up your mood or, on the contrary, pull you down.


Right before I left the house, I braided my hair the way I did last summer on vacation in Greece, when the children were still sleeping, Nicolai was making coffee and the sun was rising lazy out of the clouds. It helps me start my day more with a optimistic feeling, even if up to the holidays – even up to the winter ones – I know a lot of things will happen. I put lipstick on, in a strong shade, a little color to make the outfit more alive. And then I leave carefree, ready to enjoy the last days of autumn. A little shiverring, indeed, but my shoulders are enjoying the attention they deserve. Bisous!








Leather pants: Vionnet
Bag: Céline
Shoes: Zara
Earrings: H&M
Photo: Lasc Media

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