Skin regimen

Beautiful girls! Have you tried the new Skin Smoothing Polish scrub from Murad? I discovered it lately, at Sephora. I bought it before I went to France, convinced that it will be the best ally of my skin, between shooting, just like it was recommended by the specialist. I left in a hurry and I forgot it home. This morning, after Ilona left for kindergarten, I decided to try it out. Especially because I felt my skin very overloaded. The result? You already know I don’t like to make a story too long. I’ll just tell you that it’s the ideal scrub for me.


The product gently exfoliates the skin, removes impurities, and decongests the pores, without irritating the skin. The efficiency is due to the formula with delicate micro-spheres of jojoba oil which exfoliates dead cells and cleanses the pores charged, Hammamelis which is an astringent that minimizes pores, cinnamon extract which regulates sebum production without dehydrating the skin, and pomegranate seed extract which protects against free radicals, thereby reducing skin inflammation.

Try it!


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