Some like it hot

Everytime I walk inside a spa, I’m tempted to chose from the service meniu a hot stone massage. Combining special massage techniques and hot stones strategically placed on the energetic spots of the body, the therapy is good for the body and also the mind. It often happens to me to simply fall asleep, wrapped in the fragrance of essential oils. Obviously, I am frequently advised to try different avant-garde methods of relaxation such as SF devices, built with infrared lights and water beds or cocoons in which you immerse yourself to mimic the experience of a fetus in the womb. I remain faithful to the therapy which, in only 50 minutes, manages to relax my muscles and completely relax me. In the end, my tastes are simple. I am thankful with the best.


PS: If you want a hot stone massage done perfectly like in the manual, I sincerely recommend Ida Spa from Corbeanca.

Make Up Mac by Anca Serotencu
Foto: Visual Artistry

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