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I like late mornings, starting with a cup of tea on the nightstand and reading an interview given by one of the designers that i admire. I don’t get to sploils myself with this delight, but when I am left alone at home, I take maximum of advantage. The other day I was reading about Julien David, a young designer that I love especially for the shirts that he signs. Born in Paris and living in New York and then to Tokyo, Julien transmits that “je ne sais quoi” to his creations.

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Perhaps, the public likes him because, as he confessed to a magazine, he’s gives more attention to streetwear than fashion house proposals. His inspiration comes from what he sees on the street, but also from childhood memories. My favorite shirt of all his collections is the one printed with his favorite toys. It’s perfect for days when I feel like being playful. And on a day like this, all I wish is to get out the sun… To take a long walk through a park, or to see a movie outdoors.

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Shirt: Julien David
Overall: Yves Saint Laurent
Headband: MiniMe Paris
Necklace: Florian
Creepers: Celine
Photo: Mihai Stetcu Photography

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