Hello, my name is Monica and I’m not scared of my age

I was always amused by women that hide their age: no matter what you do, I wll not tell you my age. I can’t understand this, mes cheries. Of course, everyone has the right to keep their information from their ID a secret, but I can’t not get amused by people who avoid telling their age, because they are too scared that they will seem muck older than they look. A friend of mine celebrated her birthday a few days ago and I was part of a conversation that had age as a topic. The problem is that time flew by. And I remembered, once again, that I was never scared of my age.


I’ve always felt comfortable with the years that I have. I got this from my mother and father, both are people that chose to live rather than to count the years and feel bad about how time passed. Because of this genetic inheritance, I didn’t make such a big deal out of my age, I was more focused on living my life and not wasting any moment of it. 🙂
Sometimes, I play with Ilona a game of ’’what do you want to do when you’ll get older?’’. And I’m happy to say that my daughter doesn’t care for age when she thinks about things that she loves and that she does. Ilona is just like me and this gives me so much joy.


I love my age and I think that happiness does not care for the age that we have. Our age is nothing else than the sum of our memories that we made, and I can say that I love my age and that I welcome every year with a big smile on my face.














Dress: Moschino (Moschino Store)
Jeans Jacket: H&M (H&M Store)
Backpack: Moschino (Moschino Store)
Earrings: Meli Melo (Meli Melo Store)
Sports shoes: Adidas
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