Taste of freedom

The words of a mother who encouraged her daughter not to run in the park because only boys have such behavior, remained in my thoughts. More than that, to make sure that the girl understands her status of a young, well-raised lady, the mother shook her hand vigilantly. I never judge the way parents treat their kids, but from my perspective, I never told Ilona how she should play. I don’t believe it’s fair to dictate a little girl to either build an universe of dolls or spend time pushing around cars in an imaginary rally. As a proof, Ilona, even though she’s an Elsa fan, never refuses a race with Iancu. She has a mobility that helps her to climb easily on slides and even in trees. She even knows how to assume the risk that she might hurt herself. And then, knowing the consequences, she doesn’t adventure.


At the last shooting, she asked me to help her climb some old iron bars from the park. Let’s be serious! The short jeans and the top with thick straps, which she specifically chose because it had flowers printed on it, are better seen at the top of something tall. Of course that I started laughing, but I made her wish come true. And I just couldn’t stop thinking that we don’t live in those times in which little girls were send to boarding school, to receive their education. Our little girls learn to make choices. They learn to decide if they want to be graceful or rebellious tomboys. We, as parents, can guide them. But… we should never change them.









Top: Bonpoint (Magazin Bonpoint)
Short: Bonpoint (Magazin Bonpoint)
Shoes: Bensimon
Photo: Lasc Media

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