Tasteful New Year, Everybody!


1.  When you want to organize a dinner for your close friends in the comfort of your own home (this rule applies also for New Year’s festivities), it’s easier to organize if you first go to a store which hides under the same roof fine porcelain, floral arrangements, accessories and table decorations.


2. I can continue to rely on the list of shopping addresses. Just as Distinto is my favorite store when it comes to shoes, Simona’s shop remains the perfect spot where you can find the secret of fine and tasteful home design.


3.  Nicolai is always right when it comes to the ability of simplicity to gain the most exquisite traits. Therefore, this applies even if it’s about how you express your feelings or if it’s about food. The best choice when you want to impress your guests remains lobster. This only, if you cook it as simple as possible without any dressing and without trying to use an elaborate recipe. The sweet and flavored meet of the crustacean has a better and different savor when you don’t combine it with thousands of other flavors. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? He says so. I hope he’ll stick around when we will put it to boil. (You probably remember the movie scene of “Julie & Julia”, when Julie decides to boil the lobster. A whole series of adventures).


4. You can never refuse a dessert because you’ve already eaten one before. At least not when it’s about moelleux au chocolat, mille-feuille and ile flotante. The temptation is way too big. You already know, Eden’s Garden had the apple, Nicolai has the Moelleux. And … only when the savory and unmistakable taste of hot chocolate mixed with creamy butter comes to my mind, I could go for one right now. (Speaking of temptations).


P.S. : May your holiday be fairy, may you have beginnings that you’ll take advantage of, and smiles coming from the heart!






Feather construction: Gabriela Dumitran

Dress: Murmur

Shoes: Le Silla (Distinto)

Necklace: Shourouk (Anda Roman studio)

Location: Simona Dorobanti store

Foto: Mihai Stetcu

Food styling: Nicolai Tand ( La Cantine de Nicolai )

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