The secret garden

Every time it rains, I like to open wide my windows and dream with my eyes open. More than this, if I spray in the air couple of perfume drops from Le Jardin de Monsieur Li from Hermes, I lose myself in the harmony created and definitely Bucharest stays behind…. At least, for my perfect moment of gazing away.

The mix jasmine, citrus and mint notes has the power to transport me into a Chinese garden, where silence reigns. The Garden of Monsieur Li, the source of inspiration of this olfactory creation, it’s rather a place located on the border between reality and imagination, where you can only hear you footsteps walking across a side-alley.

The perfume is light and easy, just like a gentle touch of the sun and it’s perfect for the summer days. In addition, it induces a sweet summer state, typical for June afternoons.


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