Memorable outfits

I have told you many times, mes cheries, that I like to play. For me, fashion is first of all my way of playing permanently, day by day, week by week. It’s a part of me and of who I am, so I take it very seriously. But I won’t make out of fashion a pain in the back, so I always try to be relaxed. 🙂


The outfit that I’m wearing today is a good enough reason to show you that fashion can be one the most beautiful things in our lives, if we have the right amount of relaxation.

Today,  mes cheries, I will show you how to transform a trench coat into a chic dress. There is nothing easier: I tucked up my sleeves and I added a belt with a cool detail. The piece instantly had a different look and – so I think – it’s improved.


Of course, the cut and the fabric were a huge help. Or, better said, it was more because of the fabric. A print that was out of this world, like a stained glass (the print reminds me of the cathedrals in Paris), which really invites you to be playful and puts your imagination to work.

I advise you, les filles, let your mind run wild every time when you create your outfit for the day. Why not always wear a memorable outfit? 🙂

Trench coat: ASX2 Accurator
Belt: Monica Tand
Vintage earrings
Shoes: H&M

Foto: Lasc Media

Thank you Floraria Florens

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