Transform your skin in 28 days!

Mes cheries, I have great news for you. I know that most of the time, we can’t find the time to care more for ourselves, so that’s when our friends from Kiehl’s came with an extremely useful campaign: ‘’ Transformed skin in 28 days!’’. KIehl’s consultants (Adriana and Cristina or Andreea and George) will be waiting for you in the two Kiehl’s stores: Kiehl’s Afi Cotroceni and Kiehl’s Baneasa Shopping City for free personalized consultations of your skin type. At each visit at the store you will receive 5 free samples that will help you choose the Kiehl’s product that is most suitable for your skin type.

A trip to the mall can also give you a skin treatment as from today. What I appreciate mostly about this brand is that it first started as a drug store, and the product that they sold had always a strong connection with the scientific community. The pharmaceutical legacy, associated with modern technology and ingredients are now at the base of the products that you can use today.


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