Overnight transformation

It was hard for me to believe there is a product that you can apply at evening and until the next morning, it would restore the natural appearance of the skin, improve facial contours and make the skin look fuller. And through, after I tested Midnight Recovery Concentrate from Kiehl’s, my suspicions disappeared.

The product was especially made to intensify the power of repair and skin regeneration, exactly in the moment when it is naturally programmed to absorb the active ingredients (normally, between midnight and 4a.m.). Therefore, used regularly, makes the complexion look increasingly rested and radiant from day to day.

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A cocktail of botanicals and essential oils, the Midnight Recovery Concentrate from Kiehl’s contains the signature ingredient of Squalane brand (a lipid botany, whose role is to restore the skin’s lipid film), Evening Primrose oils (a plant original from North America, well-known for it’s capacity to maintain hydrated and elastic skin) and lavender essential oil with soothing effect. Plus, the formula is enriched with coriander and rosehip seed oil that have the power to restructure the skin, reinforcing the skin barrier and thus keeping the skin moisturized.

You apply it before bed and in the morning, your skin is unrecognizable and looks so well that you can’t stop admiring yourself in the mirror.

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Midnight Recovery Concentrate from Kiehl’s is available in the first Kiehl’s store from Romania, opened at Afi Palace Cotroceni (first floor, Galaxy entrance).

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