Tricks to get a look French

Girls, you already know about my passion for ”the French look”. The reason is simple. I think that French women have realized the importance of femininity and that it makes you feel more beautiful, even if you don’t have perfect features. This month, L’Oréal  Professionnel has launched two hair product that will help you get that messy but sleek look, that is so French:


FRENCH FROISSÉ – texturizing cream that gives definition and a provocative messy effect to thick hair. It creates a messy look, as if you spent a full night in Paris: textured length, smooth to the touch, natural shine. A secret for when you use the product: Wash your hair a nigh before, apply just a little product oh the wet length, make brades and leave it like this over night, Your pillow will create natural waves, sleek and shiny.


Recommended price: 68 lei

MESSY CLICHÉ – texturizing spray that give definition and a casual messy look for fine hair. It creates a casual look that Parisian fashionistas are used to: soft and textured length, smooth to the touch and a natural shine. A secret for when you use the product: pulverize on a semi dry hair, when it’s about 80% dried and brade your hair starting from your cheek bone line. Use the blow drier on the braded hair. Separate and rough out the braded hair using your fingers in order to accentuate the messy effect.


Recommended price: 68 lei.


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