Flower oils

I’ve told you several times that I’m a big fan of a fresh and natural look. I do believe that simplicity will give you a sophisticated allure, and this is what I appreciate the most at a woman. There a few ground rules that I never divert from, and having my hair healthy is one of them. I know how it is to have dry hair, I know how difficult is to style, I know that it need special care, that is why I tried the new line of products launched by Elseve, Elseve Extraordinary Oils, the first nourishing formula with 3 new products specially created for dry hair. Based on a formula of 6 precious oils, the new Oil in Cream will give you the benefits already known by the Extraordinary Oil line in two new shapes: cream and a bi-phase spray. The products are really easy to use, and the smell extraordinary! Plus, you can use the not only as a nourishing and protection product, but also as a styling product. Mes cheries, don’t forget to take care of yourselves! Beauty lies within the details. Bisous!




Oil-in-cream = 30 lei
Spray bi-fazic Ulei Extraordinar = 26 lei

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