Urban jungle

How many times you felt like Bucharest is an urban jungle? How many times have you felt like eye lurked from the shadow, waiting for you to make smallest mistake and thus take advantage of your inattention?? To me, it happens often to simply remain shocked by the struggles for power struggles, for public applause, for free wickedness and lack of respect for others. It’s not that I don’t like competition, but still, I’d appreciate some players more fair play.


Anyway, coincidentally or not, the dress I chose to wear today is animal print. So, that I fit in the scenery. I’m just joking. Just like neutral tones, animal prints aren’t missing from my wardrobe because they are extremely easy to combine with any other texture or color, and are never out of style. In order to avoid a kitsch effect, it’s preferable that we rely on one animal print piece (which is not yet a trench, for example) and do not hoard the outfit with vibrant hues. Personally, I love the combination of denim, animal print and black accents.


I assure you that animal prints will not ever go out of style. Bucharest will always remain an urban jungle, don’t you think?








Denim jacket: Zara (Zara Store)
Dress: Stefanel (Stefanel Store)
Bag: Vionnet (Vionnet Store)
Shoes: New look
Photo: Csilla Szasz

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