Summer vacation

A pool with clean blue water that shines in the sunlight, bordered by a lot of green plants. It’s the image that I see every morning from my terrace. But guess what? I always satisfy myself only with the view. Although I have the daily temptation to get lazy on a sunbed, until we officially declare “vacation is here” in the Tand family, only Iancu and Ilona get to enjoy the pool.

Thus, while I wait of the desired vacation, mentally, I already prepared my beauty kit. In general is formed of products from the Chanel summer collection called Collection Mediterrannee. I assure you that I won’t forget to take with me the Lumiere d’Ete illuminating powder. Some gentle swipes on the jaw and on the neck, and the skin will gain a Hollywood glow. I admit that I fell in love with this product even before I tested it, when I just opened the box and I saw the gorgeous engraved camellia.


If we talk about make-up and Chanel, I recommend you to try the Stylo eye shadows. They fit any suitcase, are very easy to use and from the first application, it mantles your eyes with beautiful colors. It has a watery texture therefore it offers a sensation of freshness, welcomed during torrid days. The only difficulty is to decide upon a violet with blue glows (Campanule), a sophisticated turquoise (Azulejo), a delicate pink (Laurier Rose), an elegant olive green (olivine) or a light chocolate (Caroube).


And… I can’t end this article without telling you how delighted I am about the Rouge Coco lipstick and the nail polish, Mediterrannee shade. Of course, I couldn’t wait for vacation to try them. But every time I see my blue nails, I realize that it’s not long until I will be writing from a sunbed in Greece.


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