Life as a pastel

This week-end was the first time when I arrived in Targu-Ocna. It is a little town near Bacau, where the night is so still and quiet that you can hear your heart beating (to quote a local). It’s been announced bad weather, with rain and low temperatures. When I got there, it seemed that the forecast was right. Just in my suitcase spring became queen already. And… because weather copies the soul of humans (states an old staying from Moldova), the next day, the sun announces a perfect day. And it really was.

I got the change to see the local places of Targu-Ocna, dressed in a casual but suited for such a romantic little town outfit. The shirt with colored prints perfectly fit the gentle pastels. That is certain. Especially that a curious youngin who came close to me, gave the verdict: you look very nice!.










Shirt: H&M,
Skirt: Cos
Jacket jeans: Zara
Stocking: H&M
Sandals: H&M
Watch: Swatch
Bracelet: Swarovski
Bag: Yvy Bags
Photo: Gabi Crisan
Image editing: Csilla Szasz

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