Full volume

During the cold season, the make-up artist’s attention turns to the make-up of eyelashes. Especially towards the lower lashes. Although we are encouraged to wear fake eyelashes without fear of excesses, I admit that I have another secret to intensify my eyes and give my lashes exceptional volume. I’m hinting to Hypnose Mascara Volume-a-porter from Lancome, which I bought this summer, and I intend to use in the fall, also.


I like it because my lashes get incredible volume from a single brush move, which is also due to the fluid texture, that is extremely comfortable. In addition, this mascara’s brush ensures accurate application, worthy of a professional hand. It’s almost impossible to make a mistake and get dirty.

The 306 bristles which make the brush guarantee a generous and uniform application of the mascara without making the lashes over-loaded or heavy. They are easily brushed and dressed from root to tip in a thick layer of product, in intense shade of black. I really like that!


PS: Every woman needs a man that will ruin her lipstick and not her mascara!

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