Umpredictable weather, versatile pieces

Mes cheries, you already know that, on my blog I am myself, Monica Tand, no secrets, no fireworks. I am myself, with the good and the bad and very assumed, the way I am on the days that everything goes smoothly, but also on those days that nothing seems to go in the right direction. However, no matter the context, my blog is the place I get to recharge while reading your messages. That’s why, I want to thank you for reading me. 🙂

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I’ve made this photo shoot in a day that things weren’t that jolly. But knowing that I’ve prepared for you another outfit that will delight you once again, put a smile on my face.

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I like versatile pieces and I like playing with them to create different looks, on different days. The skirt from H & M is so versatile, I love it. It’s suitable for sporty-casual outfits, paired sports shoes, as well as for elegant looks, with shoes or flat shoes. Like you’ve already guessed, I went for my favourite from these two outfits: sporty-casual with a twist.

While for the pictures, I chose one of my favourite spots in the city – the inside yard of the Romanian Atheneum. It was funny to pose like this in the place that a few days ago I  came here dressed elegantly for a concert.

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