Walking in Bucharest

When was the last time when on a Monday, you put on hold every meeting and every chore that you had well written down in your agenda and you started to walk slowly on the streets of Bucharest? I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t remember when I allowed myself to do this luxurious, nowadays, thing. Therefore, I left Ilona at kindergarten and I took advantage of the great weather, adventuring through the center of town. I didn’t get back home that fast, because I walked some good miles. What’s funny is that I didn’t feel tired at all. Especially on a Monday.


In order to enjoy your “trip”, it’s important to have a comfortable and casual outfit, plus a pair of light shoes. I chose a blue chemise, (a key item in this season) and a skirt with discrete transparencies with a length is two palms above the ankle (another rule imposed on catwalks). Both items were from Portobello and were made with materials from India. Plus, because I don’t believe that clutches should be worn only at evening, I matched my outfit with one from Meli Melo. The clutch is part of one of the most interesting summer collection of the brand called Electric Africa. Fickle and easy to wear, it won me over with its bold, colorful drawings.


The conclusion is simple: from time to time you can take a day off even in the middle of the week. The world won’t stop from spinning.













Shirt: Portobello (Portobello Store)
Skirt: Portobello (Portobello Store)
Necklace: By Sonja (Portobello Store)
Clutch: Meli Melo (Meli Melo Store)
Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith
Photo: Csilla Szasz

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