Comfort zones

I always liked to push my limits, to want more, and don’t settle for warm zones, yet to push myself to do better, more, and more beautiful. As you know, the same rule applies when it comes to all the fashion choices that I make. However, I admit that there is nothing better than soft and warm sweater, that comforts and spoils your body in cold mornings, when all you want is to sleep a little more, but you can’t because you know you have so much work to do.


In most cases, even if I choose neutral colors, I love playing with textures. What greater challenge than to remove a seemingly pretentious piece out of her comfort zone? I temperated the Barbara Sabbah skirt applications with the COS adorable sweater (I told you how much I expected the entry of this brand in Romania?) in the same tone and the outlook was just delicious. I love details, so there was no way I wasn’t going to fall in love with the green outline of the sweater, which reminds me of the delicious pistachio macarons, same green that I found in the playful print of the Olympia Le-Tan bag. And because a little black is always welcome, I completed my outfit with a pair of shoes and a watch that will pull my sleeve every time I tend to be late.


Because yes, we want to always look impecable and we try our best to make it happen, but the most important thing is that we should never forget to play. Let us not take ourselves too seriously because even the most spectacular appearances leave you cold as ice if they aren’t seasoned with a little fun. Joie de vivre, know what I mean?










Sweater: COS
Skirt: Barbara Sabbah
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Olympia Le-Tan
Watch: Swatch
Photo: Aurelien Violet (@chicisthenewpunk)
Image editing: Lasc Media

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