How about 24 days of holidays?

The holidays are always a good time to spend more time with your family and friends. But I enjoy doing this all the time, we having our house full, I like it when Nicolai cooks and friends enjoy his food, I like setting the table when friends come over for a visit, I like when the dawn cracks up on us with a glass of wine in our hands. I find it wonderful the idea that Santal has, having 24 days of Merry Christmas, the idea of rejoicing every single moment and doing things in a normal pace, with no stress and no fuss.

You know it gets around the holidays. People are running around, days before they start, the stores a packed, everything is blocked and the holiday itself is celebrated just for a day. Let us give ourselves time to enjoy and to savor those moments. We always go and spend our Christmas in Maramures. We’ve only missed it once, and that’s when we visited my sister in the U.S.. In the summertime we’ve also started some renovations, so we have our house ready for our guests to come: a big table in the living room, where everyone can sit down. Like always, we live Bucharest a week before, because we want to get to enjoy every moment. In that time, our house is almost full every day, there’s continuous movement, which I absolutely love, it gives me the feeling that the holidays are here. And most importantly, the table is always full with food. This year certainly Santal Mandarin won’t be missing from our table, because it’s the children’s favorite. What I have already told you is that I love to do all that means that consists of decorating, which means that setting the table is my greatest pleasure of all. It’s similar to the joy of the children in regards to the Christmas tree adorning, so that you can understand me better. In the photos below, I have some suggestions for you.

This being said, mes cheries, give yourselves the time to enjoy 24 days of Merry Christmas, and Santal will reward you. Go onto the app ( and you can win 100 Advent calendars a one of the 7 special prizes. The calendar will help you in your planning for this time of the year, it will offer you surprises or help you split tasks. We already have a plan. Every day, for 24 days, each of us will extract a note on which we wrote something, simple things, small joy, that mean in fact so much. I will give you some examples, maybe they will inspire you: ‘’Today you will have to make breakfast and decorate the table’’, ‘’Today you will write a nice statement for your family’’, ‘’Today you will buy gift for you friends and so on. I thing that you already have some thoughts on this, am I right? 🙂

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