A cozy affair

There is another myth circulating around me … That it’s inexcusable to mix in tones of burgundy with red, in an outfit. Excuse me, but I don’t think there exists a logical explanation for doing this. And I would redo the “mistake” over and over again. If you master your colors and you know how to dose them, what would stop you from experimenting? Anyhow, that’s not what I wanted to talk about today. I wanted to talk about the Erdem Moralioglu sweaters. I chose one made of 100% pure cashmere, Wine / Ottakar shade, with insertions and embroideries. I discovered this brand in London, then at Collete in Paris and I integrated the items in my wardrobe. On such a whimsical weather, to own and to have in your wardrobe an Erdem sweater will save you, many times, from trouble.

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I mixed it with a skirt, with a bold cut, I high-lighted the waist with a belt that I personally created (soon I will tell you morea bout my passion to create clothes and accessories) and I was ready for dinner with Nicolai at L’Oiseau Blanc (the Peninsula).

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PS:  Erdem Moralioglu’s name is equivalent with a strong, shown femininity and versatility. The experimental materials, vibrant prints and craft details are key words which define the brand, which was founded in 2005, in London. Erdem’s talent was rewarded with numerous awards, and his clothes are sold in over 170 exclusivist retailers, from Barneys – New York to Bergdorf Goodmand or Harvey Nichols. 

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Sweater: Erdem Moralioglu
Skirt: Barbara Sabbah
Clutch: Lanvin
Shoes: Charlotte Olympia
Belt: Monica Tand
Photo: Mihai Stetcu Photography

Travel took place with the support of Air France Romania.
Air France attends 3 daily flight from Bucharest to Paris.
For more details: www.airfrance.ro
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