Ma petite demoiselle

Hello to you all! Even if you have a hard day or not, I thought a smile doesn’t harm anyone. Thus, from all the photos that Ilona took this summer, for today, I chose a very cute one to cheer us up.


The hat with a pink bow from Bonpoint was the resistance piece of the entire outfit, my little one changing her clothes for couple of times before she found the perfect fashion items. Luckily, we solved the problem also at the Bonpoint store. On a hanger, a skirt with sparkles above the hem was sitting still, which made us both sob of admiration. If you have a little girl, you definitely know the feeling when you both get excited for the same stuff. I say that you should enjoy this now, because later you might have different tastes. 🙂 If I haven’t had anything to say about the T-shirt and the tennis shoes, more than than she even surprised me that she has the tendency to copy my style; our opinions definitely clashed when it came to the nail polish. But, being a spoile from her grandmother, I let it slide. Especially that it didn’t become habit.










Tshirt: Bonpoint (Bonpoint Store)
Skirt: Bonpoint (Bonpoint Store)
Hat: Bonpoint (Bonpoint Store)
Shoes: Zara Kids (Zara Store)
Photo: Lasc Media

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