Back to the (new) basics

Last week, right before I left Maramures, I received a Romanian traditional shirt (called “ie”) from Art & Craft Design. Due to my passion for traditional folkloric objects, I was glad that I can now expand my collection. Plus, while I was making room in my suitcase, I already had in mind the outfit in which I could integrate it. As I didn’t want to limit myself to wear the “ie” casual with shorts and flats, or a leather pencil skirt (options used so often that I already find them extremely boring), I combined it with a bold, transparent skirt and yellow stiletto heels. And although the final outfit seems too urban, too contemporary and maybe even too futuristic for La Palincie, a restaurant in Baia-Mare where I took the pictures and which seems totally torn from context, I remind you my philosophy: we dress for ourselves, not to have the agreement of the ones around us.


If you do not have a trunk from your grandmother in which to go through to find an “ie”, I recommend you to go on and order one. Or before a trip, you can stop in the shopping arcade of the airports within the country, where you can find the Art & Craft Design shops. I warn you that you’ll be tempted to buy souvenirs and gifts for friends from abroad, which isn’t a bad idea at all. Especially, since you don’t have to worry about quality because Romanian traditional products come with a certificate of authenticity, even if we speak about Horezu, Baia Mare or Corund ceramic vessels, fabrics or Romanian traditional cuisine. And… it is a must to keep for yourself a box of plums in chocolate from Vladut’s story. They are simply delicious!
















Ie: Art & Craft Design
Skirt: Portobello (Portobello Store)
Shoes: Zara (Zara Store)
Earrings: H&M (H&M Store)
Glases: H&M (H&M Store)
Photo: Csilla Szasz
Location: La Palincie (Baia-Mare)

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