Happy Me, a happy purse

Mes cheries,  a few days ago, during a matinee, I attended a very cheerful event – the launch of a new bag collection, Happy Me by Laura Olaru & Happytude by Oana Botezatu. I just love products that are made in Romania, I wear them with great joy and I appreciate pieces named after Romanian designers. That is why I answered ’’attending’’ as soon as I received the invitation.


Happy Me is a bag suitable for my tastes: not too big and not too small, not too simple, but not with too much ’’fireworks’’. I’s a leather purse (textured or delicate), with clean cuts, perfect for the outfits that you wear during the day and mostly because this bag gives you an optimistic vibe. That’s all because, the designers, Laura Olaru and Oana Botezatu, the brain behind the Happytude blog, have selected for this collection only happy colours. 7 magical colours, precisely the following: red, green, yellow, blue, gold, silver and baby blue.

HappyMe_bag_serenity bleu_frontMy personal favourite is baby blue, but the green one is also among my favourites. I like the blue one a lot, but the silver one as well. And to be honest, I could also wear the gold one too. As a matter of fact, I could easily wear them all.

Which one do you like the most?

HappyMe_bag_yellow_front HappyMe_bag_silver_hanger HappyMe_bag_red_lateral HappyMe_bag_green_lateral HappyMe_bag_golden_hanger HappyMe_bag_dark blue_front

Geanta costa 450 de lei si o puteti comanda la Laura Olaru pe Facebook. Iar in weekend (9-10 aprilie) o gasiti si la targul V for Vintage, de la Casa Universitarilor.

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