Spring-summer 2016 Murmur collection

I like Romanian designers and I wear with great joy the creations made in Romania. That’s why I was very excited the other day, when I had the opportunity to attend the launch of Andreea Badala’s new collection, Murmur.

I discovered in the Murmur showroom, many pieces that I would wear this spring and I would love you too admire them as well. But not before you get to know the story behind the spring-summer collection for 2016.


What does any Murmur woman want to wear in the most beautiful time of the year? This is the question that the designer, Andreea Badala, asked herself for the spring-summer collection for 2016. Her answer was: “I’ve seen again and again the Murmur pieces until now and deconstructed them into feminine outfits, adding a sweet and retro accent. I’ve imagined every moment of the day and I’ve approached it in a way that every detail accentuates a playful sensuality:  why won’t she wear a body or a brassiere with short trousers and a kimono, during the day? Or a simple silk top, with the most fine lingerie detail, with a perforated skirt? At night time remains a magical space, filled with adventure, where the strapless corset and a see through dress have a perfect setting, or the dress with a bodice structure and ludic transparency.”


After a long time in which the long Murmur dress wasn’t in Andreea’s attention, the designer answered the request for a red carpet outfit with this dress. You can now find the long Murmur dress in a few truly spectacular options.

All the pieces are available in the MURMUR Showroom, Icoanei Street, no. 75A, Bucharest and online at www.murmurstore.com, in the Victoria 46 store in Baneasa Shopping City and internationally in stores in France. USA, Russia or Italy.


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