Pauza doar pentru mine

Mes cheries, please don’t judge me when I tell you that, sometimes, I need a few hours just for myself. Just me, myself and I. I love my kids more than anything, but, sometimes, I feel that I need to take a break and pay attention to my thoughts. Mothers will understand me completely. 🙂

On such days that I take time to concentrate on my own thoughts and my own feelings, I clear my agenda for two hours, I put my phone on silent and run to the SPA. And one of the greatest moments to do that are on gloomy days like today.

Cabina Aemotio

There are a few places in the city that make me feel like I’m on a vacation, when I forget everything and I can finally relax for a month’s worth. And when I say that I can relax, I don’t mean that I’m going to have a relaxing massage. For me, relaxation means any therapy that will give me a good feeling. Both physically and mentally speaking.

I have the pleasure of testing the urban health therapies at Synergy Day SPA, a therapy that helps me become, on the spot, a better version of myself. I believe that only if I’m healthy I can be beautiful and happy, and that is why I chose this place, mostly because what they do here, helps me prevent and attenuate some problems. From allergies to skin problems, also from digestive dysfunctions to water hold-back, Synergy Day SPA is a handy urban solution.

I discovered here a true oasis of health therapies, that reunites an Angel of Water cabin – for the irrigation a detox of the colon, an LPG cabin – that will tone up the tissues and helps detox the body through a lymphatic massage. My favourite is the Aemotio cabin, that combines chromotherapy with sauna, a massage based on vibrations and a Vichy shower, plus the hands of a therapist – all of this gives me incredible results both on the outside, as well as on the inside.

Aemotio Angel of Water LPG

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