Coup de foudre on the red carpet at Cannes

Mes cheries, you know that I won’t let the Cannes Film Festival pass by and not tell you who wore my favorite outfits on the red carpet. I always thought about the Cannes Film Festival as a distinguished event and that is just what we got to see, many times, and also in the looks that the guests wore at the premiere gala and at the after parties.

Lia Bugnar poarta Irina Marinescu
Lia Bugnar – Irina Marinescu chimono dress

Even more compared to the Oscars, at Cannes, the guests – even if we’re talking about actors, models, singers or other celebrities – they are, without a doubt, more elegant and chic because they all have that certain something borrowed from the charming French city. The looks are fresher, and the outfits that are worn with such elegance, are hard to classify.

I’ve chosen especially for you, les filles, ten outfits that I loved this year at Canned. Ten outfits and ten women that know that fashion does not mean that the clothes wear you, no, you wear the clothes. It’s hard to tell which pieces I loved the most, so I don’t want to make a top ten or something like that, but a sequence.

Nine of the outfits are signed by designers and renowned international fashion houses, but one, the one worn by the Romanian actress Lia Bugnar, is signet by the designer Irina Marinescu.

If it was up to me to choose just one out of the 10 outfits that I liked, I would for certain pick the one worn by Lia Bugnar. It is so beautiful! And it’s not just because Irina Marinescu’s creation is very much to my taste, but it’s also because Lia is so elegant and chic, without even trying.

I’m eager to hear about your favorite outfits. 🙂


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