The suitable kinder garden for your child

Mes cheries, I know how difficult it is to find the suitable kinder garden. Ever since I was pregnant with my first child, this was one of my concerns. I know that maybe you will find it difficult to believe, but overhearing many topics about this and seeing all the preoccupied parents around me, I was starting to seriously think about this: where am I going to send my child to the kinder garden. I was lucky to find my friends from La Maison Bleue. I know that Iancu is on the best hands possible, I know that he doesn’t only have governesses, but also friends that he can’t wait to see them every day. I’m happy night after night when we sit and talk about what he learned, what new games he played that day and what did he talk with his schoolmates. In the technology era, when children run and play mostly in a virtual world, I am glad to hear from Iancu how he played with modelling clay, what drawings he drew or what story did he learn.

Because I know that choosing the right kinder garden is always difficult, I really hope that my recommendation will come in handy for those parents that are still searching.





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