Me and Nicolai, we have sort of a ritual and every once in a while, we go to the perfumery and test new scents, trying to remind ourselves of the perfumes that we used to wear and which are full of memories or simply just to buy a new perfume. We both have perfumes that we love and wouldn’t give up for anything. But also, we both are excited in discovering new olfactory loves.


A few days ago we were part of a different kind of indulgence, at Beautik Haute Parfumerie, at the launching event for F O L I E   A  PLUSIEURS. I’ve already known this brand of perfumes and I was excited to test some of the new creations.

I really like the story of these 6 perfumes of the niche brand from Berlin, creations signed by Mark Buxton. Mark Buxton, which I had the honor to meet at the event, created these perfumes inspired by one of the most memorable movies.


It’s very difficult for me to choose a favorite out the six, but I have to say that I appreciate every story on its own, in the way their creator talked about them:

LA HAINE – because it gives you that feeling that something will happen; cold cedar notes combine with birch, pitch, leather and bay oil for a full experience. The final note is about a cold perfume very close of resembling a damp cellar, cedar, amber and moss.

THE VIRGINS – because it’s a perfume with very strong influences of the 70’s, one of my favorite years. The pleasant smell of a young virgin’s lipstick and makeup is contoured by hints of Tonka, patchouli, fleur-de-lis and cedar. The perfume is slowly turning towards the religious beginnings with incense and chrism notes.

LOVE EXPOSURE – because it’s a funny and tense story which is accumulating and ends with an unpredictable end. It has beastly notes of cactus, ketole, cumin and amber which crosses this perfume. Bloody surprising notes given by the Bucchu oil, bay and metal hints that surprise the smell of the wet and hot skin.

MOOD INDIGO – I love it because it’s an inspired creation of a jazz movie. The perfume has dark woody notes and a lot of incense. The chamomile and red pepper give it rhythm and movement and it creates a short corridor of light among these dark hints.

DAISIES – playful, inspired by colorful characters, it opens in a sea of green hits. Fruity, gourmet notes surprise the opulence and the avarice of the bourgeois culture. In the end, sweet, floral notes are disintegrated in woody hints, with a touch of pitch and opopanax.

 BLOW UP – an olfactory story with a woody smell from the car and the photographer’s attic, antiques, chemical substances from the dark room, green leaves and marijuana.

Immediately after the event, on the way home, I was talking to Nicolai about how important it is to know how to tell a story. Even when you’re selling a perfume. Or then more than ever. 🙂

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* The  F O L  I  E   A  PLUSIEURS  are available in the Beautik Haute Parfumerie storeand at

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