A story with foxes, fashion and games

I told you more than once how Ilona tries to imitate me, how she tries to transform, just as she can, in a mini me version. And after all, what kid doesn’t do that? I still remember as if it was yesterday, how I eagerly tried, at about the age Ilona has now, all my mother’s dresses when she wasn’t home. I would take one after another, none of them would escape my trial, and even if “swam” in them, I felt the most beautiful girl in the world. That was because I was like my mother, who was the most beautiful woman in the world. I was making dozens of trips per day, stumbling in her dresses, from the big mirror in the hallway to the box in the bedroom, where she keeps the most precious jewels. I would try them on and I would immediately run to see myself in the mirror, to see what looks best. I would prepare myself with the same lust that I would decorate the Christmas tree every year – there wasn’t any other enjoyment like this.


What I haven’t told you though, les filles, and I don’t think Ilona noticed, is that sometimes I leave myself influenced by her when I choose my clothes. Yes, yes, you read well. This is what happened with this nude dress with foxes, coup de foudre it was. It reminded me of all the dresses with animals that Ilona has and adores and said to myself: “Why shouldn’t I play a little?” When was the last time you played? Is it me or we forget, in all the chaos of everyday life, about the child in us?


I therefore recommend such a fashion game whenever you have the chance. I added to the fox dress a pair of black shoes, to counterbalance the game, with low and square heel, and a cross-body bag (so I can play more easily), also black, but with a funny cat print. And then I was ready to have fun, as you will soon see in pictures!

Jouons donc, les filles!











Dress: Maria Lucia Hohan
Bag: Olympia Le-Tan
Shoes: Zara
Photo: Aurelien Violet (@chicisthenewpunk)
Image editing: Lasc Media

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