Seasonal friends

Brrrrr! Il fait froid, les filles, n’est-ce pas? I’m shivering, but I simply love this time of the year, when the temperatures starts to drop, but not that low, yet, because I love to cuddle in soft sweaters. And forget to get out of them until late in spring. Cashmere, wool, mohair are my best friends these days and I have a feeling that you understand perfectly what I’m saying.


For a while now, I actually developed a semi-obsession for sweaters combined with extensive skirts, long to the knee limit or even longer. Many times, I chose the skirt to be made of a more pretentious material, in order to counterbalance the “fluffiness” of the upper part of the outfit – isn’t the bow at the back of the sweater just adorable? I find it an ideal day combination, when you aren’t sure what meetings you have to check on your to-do list, or in what context you will be put during the day, or even what people you will meet. Today’s outfit, for example, I wore during an entire day, on different occasions, to a beauty event, to a business meeting, but even for shopping. If this isn’t the winning combination, then I don’t know which one is.


As you can see, in today’s outfit I brought together more obsessions of mine, not just one – I told you before about how much I love to wear sandals with socks – guilty as charged! I added a hat, a bag, and a pair of earrings. Many people think that knit is hard to accessorize, but I have a different opinion. A big pair of earring or a statement necklace fits perfectly with the woven sweaters or dresses of the cold season. You don’t take my word for granted. Ask my best friends of this time period, wool, cashmere, and mohair. They will all say the same thing.

À la prochaine!












Pullover: Cos
Skirt: Manoush
Bag: Celine
Hat: MiniMe Paris
Sun glasses: Thierry Lasry
Earrings: Chabaux
Shoes: Zara
Socks: Falke
Photo: Aurelien @chicisthenewpunk
Image editing: Lasc Media

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